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Please never forget to bring your doctor's radiology prescription, your former X-rays and any other results related to your actual disorder. We also need your insurance card including your insurance ID number.

Procedure length: given duration is theoretical; you always should add 30 more minutes for unexpected delays

1) Mammography et breast ultrasound (about 30 min.):

Non menopaused women should undergo the examination in the first 10 days of their period

2) Mineralometry (bone densitometry) (about 30 min.):

No preparation

3) Complete abdomen ultrasound (about 30 min.):

Fasting 4 h. before, water intake free, at least 1/2 litre 1 hour before examination to obtain a full bladder

4) Upper abdomen ultrasound (about 20 min.):

Fasting 4 h. before, water intake free, at least 1/2 litre 30 min. before examination

5) Lower abdomen ultrasound (pelvis) (about 20 min.):

Water intake free, at least 3/4 litre 1 hour before examination

6) Other regions ultrasound, Doppler (about 20 min.):

No preparation

7) MRI (about 60 min.):

MRI of the abdomen: fasting, no food, no beverages
MRI of the head (brain, sinus): no make-up
MRI other regions: no preparation
MRI contraindicated if the patient has a cardiac pacemaker, cochlear implants or metal pieces in his eyes; call for any other question

8) Scanner (about 60 min.):

Fasting 3 hours before, no food, no beverages
Exceptions: lumbar and sinus CT-scan, no preparation

9) Intravenous pyelography (about 2 hours)

- the day before: X-Prep® purge, see inclosed instructions
- on the same morning: no intake (fasting)

10) Barium enema (about 60 min.):

- 2 days before: fiber-free diet

- Authorised food : white meat, poultry, fish, white rice, noodles, steamed or mashed potatoes, rusk, light stock, apple juice or grape juice, fat-free milk, drink a lot of water
- Forbidden: fruit, vegetable, jam, whole wheat bread, cereals, sausage.

- 1 day before:

At noon: fiber-free meal (see above).
From 2-4 PM : drink 3 litres of Cololyt, half a litre every 20 minutes (Cololyt preparation: diluting each sachet into 1 litre cold water gives a total of 3 litres)
Evening : light meal (plain yoghurt, sweet tea or water, light stock, rusk)

- on the same morning: drink one cup of sweet tea or water.

11) Barium meal / Small bowel enema (about 60 min., barium follow-through 2-3 h.):

Fasting, no more food or beverage after supper

12) Phlebography (about 60 min.):

Fasting 3 hours before

13) Other procedures:

No preparation for plain X-ray; please ask if you have a special investigation not mentioned above.